Friday, October 1, 2010

Take the time to Read the Letter

Isn't it interesting that folks will make wild accusations based on a rumor that they heard? They will say it with such conviction that they even talk themselves into believing that it is the Gospel truth. Well, as my favorite president often said, "Here we go again!!" This time it is with Congressional Candidate in Arizona's CD$, Janet Contreras. Someone told someone who told someone else that Janet wrote a letter to Glenn Beck and that someone said that that was the only reason that she was on the ticket. How devastating! Unfortunately for the storytellers, this is only part of the story.

The rest of the story is that Janet Contreras wrote a letter to Congress attempting to reach out to express her disappointment with her Congressional representation, using her first amendment right of free speech. This letter ended up on the Glenn Beck program because of its passion and the way it expressed what so many of us feel. She has been involved in local issues in her community for years, always taking a leadership role. As a business woman, she knows what it takes to create a job. As a mom, she knows what it takes to take care of a family. All of these elements came together and at the right time made it possible for her to enter the race for the Congressional seat. She won her primary. And don't be surprise if you seeing being sworn in as the newest Republican Congresswoman from Arizona on Jan. 20.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

What the House Needs Is Women

Ever since the ascendancy of Sarah Palin to the national spotlight, women around the country have made the decision through her example of getting involved in politics. No longer seen as only essential behind the scenes, women have brought their talents and ideas to the national stage.
Notice how I have said women and have excluded those who profess the DemocRAT philosophy because I do not see them acting from their own passion and purpose. Rather they are mere cover for a darker philosophy of progressivism where no individual thrives--only groups exist. Remember the famous quote: "It takes a village to raise a child"? Fortunate are we that that "spokesperson" has so far only be able to be a co-president. What I am talking about are real flesh and blood women who have been a part of the oft maligned flyover country. They have reared children, attended PTAs, baked for bake sales while holding down jobs--many in corporate settings.
Today we have real people, citizen candidates, who are willing to stand for us in our House. Let me tell you about one of them in Arizona, Janet Contreras. She is a mom, an employee, but most of all a proud American. She got so upset that she wrote to Glenn Beck. And surprise, surprise...he read her letter...on the air. This launched her campaign for the US House of Representatives in Arizona's congressional district 4. She is as real as the Arizona desert, and as tough as the creatures who thrive in this environment. In other words, she is just what we need to shake up Washington DC and return the house to the people. If you have time, talent and treasure, check out her website and lend a hand. You'll like what you see.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

It's Still The Economy Stupid!

Just learned yesterday that Arizona is the second poorest state in the Union. God Bless Mississippi! What does this say about the work environment here? It says it doesn't exist. With true unemployment in Arizona somewhere between 17 and 25% it should be the only issue that matters. Unless we get our focus on making substantive changes to the way business is done in this state, not one of the other issues will make it to the table---all rely on financing.

History is instructive if paid attention to. All of the previous bubbles and economic downturns in our history are followed by a war. Why? A roadside distraction that keeps the folks from seeing the men behind the curtain pulling the handle on the printing presses and dishing out monopoly money to their cronies.

States since Jackson can't print their own currency, but they can control their own destiny by taking the bold step to cut spending and reduce taxes so there is more capitol available for the markets. Give business a free ride into town and they won't leave. They will provide the setting for an remarkable renaissance.

Is anyone listening?